Often as people get older the cheeks, eyelids, lower face and neck begin to sag and lose volume. Loss of volume in the cheek area causes the folds / lines seen around the nose to the corner of the mouth (called the nasolabial folds) to deepen and as everything sags down so does the lower eyelids, jawls and neck. One non-surgical technique though very dependant on the skin laxity is Thermage.

During a Thermage® procedure, radiofrequency heat penetrates deep into the skin to create tiny wounds. In response, the skin acts to repair those wounds, which leads to the remodeling of collagen and elastin, resulting in tighter, more youthful appearing skin. Because the laser penetrates the skin with a surfacing cooling technique, it leaves much of the skin intact, leading to faster healing times than more traditional ablative treatments like CO2 laser treatments. It usually takes from 20-90mins depending on the size of the treatment area and requires no downtime.